Website Developement

Website Designing and Development

Website designing and development are two different occupations but experts often work closely together on a website and can sometimes be handled by one organization or person. Web designers handle the visual part i.e layout, coloring and typography whereas web developers respond to both client and server side parts.

At seyarosystems, we mainly focus on website development (both client and server) with specialists in programming languages such as

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (client)
  • PHP, ASP.NET (C#), Node.js, Java (server)
  • Microsoft SQL, MySQL (Database Management)
  • Http for communication between clients and servers.

Areas we handle

When developing a website, we handle
  • Graphics Designing for visual part such as logos, layouts and buttons
  • Internet marketing to maintain the presence of the website and target site viewers
  • S.E.O to make the website more accessible and available on numerous search engines such as Microsoft and Google search console
  • Internet copywriters to create written content that target site viewers
  • User experience (UX) designing to handle the visual (user interaction) aspect
  • Ads (Advertisemsnts) to generate income and increase user interactions

Web content

At seyarosystems, we generate content or use what the contractor provides,
  • either statically
    where the content is only changed during the design process (by developers only) and will always be the same on static page requests for basic websites.
  • or dynamically
    where the content is extracted from back-end databases and will always vary depending on the data availed by the end user or owner.

User experience and interactivity

For the user to understand
  • the content on the website, it is necessary to understand how the website works through the user experience in layouts, instructions and labeling
  • how to interact with the website (how it works), interactivity is paramount
  • Knowing the usefulness of the website may make
    • skilled and well versed website users find less user-friendly websites useful, whereas
    • less experienced users may fail to see it’s usefulness.
We have experienced and dedicated designers who focus on the universal user experience (both skilled and non skilled) to attract more users.

Token of appreciation

We try our best to deliver the best services at the cheapest costs ever.
It’s always believed that cheaper things are expensive, but we also care for the small sized businesses as well.
Remember, we don’t use what is there, we put it there, hence no cost for third party entities. Thus perfection is guaranteed.

We categorize our packages as:-

ITEM SUBSCRIPTION Basic Standard Advanced Professional Deluxe
Domain Name Monthly - - - - -
Annual $15 $15 $15 $15 $15
Domain Whois Privacy Monthly - - - - -
Annual $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Hosting (full) Monthly $3 $5 $9 $12 $17
Annually $20 $30 $30 $145 $164
Database Monthly - - - - -
Annualy - $5 $10 $30 $50
Maintenance Monthly $5 $5 $10 $17 $22
Annual $12 (10 times) $24 (10 times) Free Free Free
State Static Dynamic Dynamic E-commerce Automated
Transaction - - Online Online-ussd All
Chat, sms, support - - Basic Standard Professional
Responsive Desktop/ android All All All All All
Monthly Subscription Fee - - - - -
Sub-total Monthly $8 Subscribe » $10 Subscribe » $19 Subscribe » $29 Subscribe » $39 Subscribe »
Renew »
Renew »
Renew »
Renew »
Renew »
Development Once $45 $75 $100 $125 $270
Grand-Total Annualy
Subscribe »
Subscribe »
Subscribe »
Subscribe »
Subscribe »
Note that these charges are bound to change at any time and are bound to our terms and conditions including 30 days money back guarantee. However, the existing subscriptions will not be affected.