Software Developement

Software development

Knowing what to do, why to do it and how to do it when creating and maintaining applications, frameworks or components is paramount.

The Software development process is determined by:-
  • Programming (writing and maintaining source codes)
  • Documenting (end user operations)
  • Testing (working as expected), and
  • Bug-fixing (error identification)
and include research, new developments, prototyping, modifying, marketing and re-engineering.

Areas we handle

At seyarosystems, we develop all types of custom software, commercial and personal, through:-
  • Analysis – why the software program
  • Market research – who benefits
  • Documentation – software requirements
  • Planning and designing – how it appears
  • Implementation (coding) – how it operates
  • Testing and debugging – does it work
  • Deployment – ready for use
  • Maintenance and bug fixing
Our staff are well equipped with engineering, finance and marketing techniques, hence the ability to:-
  1. Identify the need through market research from customers, sales personnel, staff and other third party beneficiaries.
    Is it economically feasible, can it outweigh the existing Software applications, how does it affect the product line, what does it require and does it meet the company's marketing objectives?

    The time and cost management are assessed here.

  2. Plan where customers (and owners) always know the end result of the software. Our skilled and experienced software engineers extract the requirements as a key feature in the process.
  3. Design where the programming language, operating system, (both desktop and Android-iPhone) and hardware components are considered. We create prototypes (demonstration versions) to rule out the detailed explanation of how the software works and use the feedback (from users and contractors) to make the final product, through:-
    • Identifying basic requirements
    • Designing user interfaces
    • Reviewing changes from end users
    • Revise and enhance the prototype,
    until the best product is achieved.
  4. Implement, test and document where the prototypes are put into functionality via coding with enough experience in most popular programming languages such as dotNet (C#), CSS, etc and testing is done at every step to ensure error free programs. For future maintenance, the codes (and designs) are documented for both internal and external.
  5. Deploy and maintain where successful completion of a series of steps (above) and testing of the codes to the users’ or contractor’s needs, the software program is then converted from developer to user mode with illustrations and customization features.
    The software is frequently maintained to handle newly discovered faults and to cope with new technologies (generations).

Any software program is much more effective if it is used correctly. Thus well-versed support staff is available to provide free training.

Token of appreciation

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Wide Area

Duo Connect

School Manager
Desktop This handles all duties and activities in the school, i.e. daily operations. 30 days Free Free Free Free
Android 30 days Free Free Free Free
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