About Us

About Us

There is a belief that technology is for the well placed (large) businesses that require mornitoring and accountability. But the world is advancing technologically, that is no longer an escape in business operartions. Think of paying taxes, tracking progress, ninimize losses, relative man power, automation etc which are all simplified technologically.

With seyaro systems (seyaroTM) technology is for everyone as we deliver the best services at the cheapest costs.

Your progress makes us transpire...

Our Mission

To help everyone fit in technologically driven society.

Our Commitment

To dedicate in everyone's technological advancement.

Our Stories

Seing the world enjoying the services we provide.

When Did We Exist

In the year 2012 a category of programmers who loved discovery and had the desire of helping the unprivileged introduced a project to help all businesses on small and medium scale get the best out of technology and don't lag behind. For the large businesses (companies) having the ability to pay for cheap services expensively, the ©seyaro group (TM) saw the necessity of developing (including designing) websites to help in service delivery and software programs to help simplify work, all at relatively free (cheaper) cost to cater for small sized businesses and companies.

However, due to the availability of resources, the large sized companies (businesses) are also catered for at a relative cost since their major goal is income generation as well. Gone are the days when technology was complex, it's possible.

Special thanks to the group of people who saw technology as a life simplifying measure and its need in the advancing world.

Why we Exist

Lately, digital operations had not been prioritized where less effort was put in to create public awareness and service providers (website and software developers) created a gap between small and large sized businesses. However, the demands are increasingly high as the world advance technologically.

We aim at making every business advance in the world of technology basing on their returns. Rates and size are proportional but services are the same.

What We Do

It's everyone's right to embrance the services available, thus we do the needful to ensure that every business of any size can provide services and deliver products to their clients in the digital world:-

  • through website development; where our websites are very cheap (relatively free) with the best customization (intended for large businesses) for all businesses. E-commerce and live charts as well as live streaming are enabled and availed in our websites depending on the contractor's (owner's) needs. Graphics and documentation are catered for,
  • and with software development services; where customers and shareholders may need awareness about the progress of the business and the services available. These may require extra manpower to compute and may involve hard copy records hence extra costs. We try to solve these problems through automated and customizable software programs, for windows/ linux (standalone and web based) and android/ iPhone apks.

We develop all types of custom, commercial as well as personal websites and software from scratch basing on the needs of both the owner and the user, through analysis and market research to move with the world.

Our programs are developed in source code (from scratch) using professional programming languages such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET (C#), PHP, Node.js, Java and Kotlin as well as database management such as MS SQL, MySQL etc. for both static and dynamic websites as well as stand-alone and web-based software programs compatible with both windows/ linux and Android/ iPhone technologies.

What We Have Done

Schoolar - School Manager (ScoMag)

school manager

Hotelinia - Hotel Manager (HotMag)

hotel manager

Hospitalia - Hospital Manager (HosMan)

hospital manager

For more information about who we are, please feel free to contact us.